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1. Raelene and Doug Hawkins.jpg

I first met Lizzy as a customer in my workplace and instantly felt a connection with Lizzy and her energy. We chatted for a long time and I knew I needed to have a professional reading from Lizzy.

Now, I had always been a little apprehensive around Psychics and always felt that they seemed to be very general in their readings/comments for example, ‘you are looking at a different career move, you have a loved one coming through who has been watching over you, helping you through the difficult time you’ve experienced recently etc. etc.’ I also felt that they took a punt on any vulnerability that I may have opened up about.

However, this all changed when I went to Lizzy. All I can say is Far Out! Seriously how had this woman that I had never seen before in my life know so much about me, had she been following me, back then no Facebook, no way to research a person.

I used my maiden name, I gave very little to her, and in fact looking back, I would say I was rude, closed and tight-lipped. The reading Lizzy gave me was nothing short of amazing. She has provided readings to all my family and has been spot on with readings and providing guidelines around relationships, marriage, career, health, deaths, births, celebrations and much more.

For me the opportunity to be provided with messages from loved ones who have departed from our lives was, and is, a compassionate, joyful experience that has allowed me to heal from grief.

With my girlfriends, I have participated in Full Moon Rituals and Women's healing circles. Each interaction with Lizzy brightens my outlook and fills my heart. Her energy and love for all creatures great and small is contagious and if you are serious about embarking on a spiritual journey, start by contacting Lizzy, you won't regret it.

Raelene & Doug ~ Darley, Victoria, Australia ~ 6 July 2021

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I first heard about Lizzy Rose in 2008 through a work colleague of mine. He told me who she was and what she offered and I was really interested in what he had to say. Through this conversation I was given her details and then it was up to me. From this point onwards my journey begins.

I was hesitant to see Lizzy at first, but through the decision to make an appointment I went on to meet the most beautiful soul and dear woman named Lizzy Rose. It has now been 13 years since I met Lizzy.

I still have my first tape recording dated 15/11/2008. YES –tape!! (For those that recall the TDK tapes).  I was amazed at the information Lizzy gave me, it all made sense. I was so intrigued by what I saw and heard. Lizzy will take you on an incredible journey, a journey to help you heal, reshape and trust.

Throughout these years, I would say I’ve had 13 readings and one house visit for a reading and cleansing. I’ve also had a CTTB ritual (Cutting of Ties that Bind) which was AMAZING! Every time I’ve met with Lizzy, whether individually or in a circle with others, I’ve always left feeling clearer, and my energy is just so elevated. Every aspect of this journey has been amazing and rewarding for me. I am not the same girl Lizzy met 13yrs ago.

Lizzy will give you the tools, insight and knowledge, but it is up to you to choose what to do with that information. Everything Lizzy has told me has been right on the money!

If you’re apprehensive to make an appointment It is worth working through your fear. I have done the work and I am now reaping the benefits!

I envy and love the work Lizzy does. What a powerful, self-sacrificing, intelligent individual Lizzy is. I have absorbed all the information Lizzy has given me and learnt to increase a deep self-awareness on a very high level.

I would so recommend Lizzy to anyone for her brilliant and outstanding spiritual awareness and her kind and gifted soul.

Kelly ~ Pascoe Vale, Victoria, Australia ~ 5 February 2021

10. Giuliano.jpg

I found Lizzy Rose online and then attended an in-person event which is where I first met her. I went on to receive a Psychic Mediumship and Tarot reading. I was also a part of her outer coven where I attended ceremonies conducted by Lizzy.

During my time with Lizzy Rose, I felt supported, heard, and guided. She also gave it to me straight, not just the positive stuff, which I really appreciated. To date, I have had two Psychic Mediumship Tarot readings. Lizzy is a top-notch Psychic, Medium, Tarot reader with strong powers and intuition. Lizzy Rose is strong, caring and warm, with a mixture of angel and warrior, which is so important with what’s currently going on in the world. She also stands up for what she believes in and faces the dark head on!

I would most definitely recommend Lizzy Rose. I encourage you to have a session with her as well as listen to and support her and what she is sharing and fighting for.

Giuliano ~ Heathmont, Victoria, Australia ~ 1 July 2021

Seven Kirstyn .jpg

I first heard about Lizzy quite a few years ago, maybe 2013, I cannot quite remember. It was through a mutual friend that had been to see her. My first reading was in Bairnsdale and I wasn't quite sure about getting a reading as I had never experienced one before. Lizzy made me feel comfortable and safe during the whole first session. I was allowed/encouraged to record the reading to go back and listen to after.


I then continued to have more readings and then about 2 years ago, in 2019, I travelled down to Melbourne to her home to have a healing ceremony (cutting the ties that bind). Lizzy made

me feel relaxed and comfortable during the whole healing ritual, walking me through the whole process before it started. Knowing nothing bad was going to happen to me during the ceremony brought me a lot of comfort.


Lizzy's readings have all been very accurate and she could always pick up on areas of my life I wanted to know about, without me even having to say it. I had a lot of trouble with my love life before getting the CTTB ritual done and am so grateful that I did something out of my comfort zone. I felt so safe in Lizzy's hands.


I am now in the best relationship I have ever been in - recently engaged actually! I have no doubt in my mind I would not be here without Lizzy’s help 110%.  Lizzy is absolutely amazing at what she does and is the real deal.


I first went to Lizzy needing direction with my life and now nearly 8 years later - I am on track and know everything to come is exactly what it should be! I highly recommend Lizzy!

Kirstyn ~ Stratford, Victoria, Australia ~ 20 May 2021

4. Joelle Lizzy Rose.jpg

I first met Lizzy at her home office more than 15 years ago, where she did a psychic reading for me. I remember that as I was waiting for her to finish up with another client, she put on some music, which was not typical, and I felt she put that on personally for me. This was interesting since she knew nothing about me.


When Lizzy greeted me, she asked if I wanted a peppermint tea. That was exactly what I was thinking. During the session, she shared things with me about my husband's family, which I knew nothing about. When I discussed the information with my mother-in-law and husband afterwards, they were shocked, because they could not understand how she could have known those things.

Over the years I have received many of Lizzy Rose's services and have felt a deep appreciation for her talent, passion, strength, generosity, sense of humour and her big heart!


I would absolutely recommend her services.

Joelle ~ Mickleham, Victoria, Australia ~ 1 July 2021

6. Lizzy and Karen.jpg

I first heard about Lizzy Rose after my daughter had a very powerful reading to assist in her healing after losing her dad (my husband) in a tragic accident.


I had the honour of meeting with Lizzy Rose at her Keilor East home in 2020, on two occasions. The first Reading was a High Level Psychic Reading.  During this reading, I received so much comfort and reassurance that my husband was by my side in spirit, I booked the second, more intense Mediumship Reading soon after. The depth of detail that my husband was able to communicate to Lizzy was incredible and amazing. I feel the Mediumship Reading has since helped me begin the healing process after losing my soul mate.


After gaining so much from my first two sessions, I booked a further High Level Psychic Reading and Property Cleanse when Lizzy visited my town in late July 2021. It was such a privilege to have Lizzy Rose visit my home where my husband’s spirit is so strong. The experience of being a part of such a momentous and powerful ritual, was something I will never forget. Signs of a successful ritual were following us throughout the afternoon, ending with the most beautiful rainbow.


Lizzy Rose is such a warm, friendly and beautiful soul, who is truly blessed with a gift that is enormously powerful, bringing peace and healing to anyone who has the opportunity to receive the many services that Lizzy offers.


Karen ~ Tatura, Victoria, Australia ~ 5th August 2021

Three Geoff Lizzy Rose 25th January 2021

l first was introduced to Lizzy Rose by one of my cheeriest spiritual friends from South Australia. My first psychic mediumship reading took place in a small country town in Gippsland called Briagolong (I took a road trip) and managed to obtain an appointment because another client had to cancel at short notice. After my friend’s recommendation I did not want to wait months and go on the waiting list for Melbourne.

This was the beginning of the beautiful connection and appreciation l have for what Lizzy Rose offers. That was six years ago back in 2015.

Since that time, l have received and shared in psychic mediumship, personal ritual sessions in Lizzy’s temple and shared in social and group sessions, including Full moon, New moon and Equinox change of seasons celebrations. 

Why l value Lizzy Rose in my life goes way beyond her amazing psychic abilities. For so many reasons i am grateful for what l have learnt and observed while sharing time with Lizzy Rose, to name a few. l love the way Lizzy Rose does business to book and prepay as this has helped me see and understand that choice, responsibility, clarity, and commitment is up to me.

l also love that when I turn up for a session l KNOW that l will be welcomed personally and have Lizzy Rose’s full attention. What l receive in my psychic mediumship sessions from Lizzy Rose and her psychic gifts and abilities, for me, is like a road map of past, present and future.

Lizzy’s deep insights reveal a beautiful blend of my past habits, challenges and misgivings and shows me how that is playing out in the present time at a soul and physical level for the future.


Lizzy Rose for me lays out a road map of possibilities for overcoming past and present challenges and awakens me to the many possibilities l can choose to implement in my life for personal growth, for contribution to family, community and my souls’ journey; thank you Lizzy Rose.

After all this, l have to say what l love most about my time with Lizzy Rose is the inspiration l get to becoming a better, more conscious, alive being, who is present to the moment and being clear and unafraid to share my truth and love. Lizzy Rose, for me is a beacon of love, light and truth, presence, and inspiration. She is a mentor, a life fully lived, a valued friend and fellow traveller.

Geoff ~ Mt Martha, Victoria, Australia ~ 2 February 2021

5. Lizzy Kerryn.jpg

I first met Lizzy Rose on one of her Psychic tours to the Gippsland area in 2016, which was a group session at Longford and have now known her for 5-6 years. 


I was so excited to be going as I love that sort of thing and enjoyed hearing people’s different experiences, happy stories and how she had helped so many people. 


I met her again on her next trip for a one-on-one Psychic and Tarot reading, as I was so excited to see what she could tell me about any family in spirit also. 


I ended up going to a Mumma Moon Women’s Circle at Lizzy's Temple with a friend and really had a wonderful time laughing and enjoying the company of such like-minded lovely women. 


Lizzy made us all feel so welcome and comfortable, and we made our own sage sticks to bring home and use in our own homes.


I always catch up with Lizzy every time she visits Gippsland. In the last 6 months or so I have seen her a few times, not only through readings, but in my work environment too.


I regard Lizzy as an incredibly special friend, not only as my Psychic and Tarot reader, but we have a sisterly connection and I look forward to seeing her whenever she is in my hometown. 


I would recommend Lizzy to anyone as she is very thorough and professional at everything she does. She recently helped me to achieve my dream business goals which I have been working on for about 2 years and also conducted a property cleanse for me. 


Kerryn ~ Wurruk, Victoria, Australia ~ 8 June 2021

9. Lydia and Lizzy Rose.jpg

I first heard about Lizzy Rose when I was a little kid. She had a shop that my mum drove past. It wasn't until this year I realised Lizzy was the same person. I was lost in life and searched online for a psychic in 2017. I stumbled across Lizzy and then became Facebook friends in 2018.

I first met Lizzy Rose in person when she travelled to me whilst working in another town in 2021. She rearranged her schedule to make the appointment possible. We met at the Hotel she was staying in where I received a High-Level Psychic Reading.

When I first arrived for our sacred time, I was scared, nervous and extremely anxious. "Living on the edge, not in the moment”. Her energy is pure, I was calm and less anxious within seconds :)
After our time together I was relaxed, content and at peace with not only myself but life in general.

Lizzy was bang on with everything regarding my past (in this life). I don't know much about my past lives but after my reading lots of things made more sense. I was amazed, overwhelmed, shocked and happy that my dad was present in spirit (Lizzy said things she definitely wouldn't have known which validated his presence), they helped to answer a lifetime of questions and I've finally been able to let go of things that were holding me back.

I hope to receive more psychic services from Lizzy Rose in the near future :)

Lizzy Rose is a beautiful soul; she is absolutely amazing!

I would 110% recommend Lizzy to everyone and I have. My ex received a tarot reading after my recommendation. I have also recommended her to many friends. 


Lydia ~ Albury, New South Wales, Australia ~ 30th July 2021

10. Lizzy and Kora.jpg

It was a winding road that led me to Lizzy Rose, and I firmly believe that I was guided there.  I first met Lizzy Rose in April 2019. After some primary research online, it does not take long to see how she stands out from other psychic healers, her range of services and extensions of wisdom through women's circles, workshops and rituals is a testament to her warm and loving, generous spirit.

My first encounter was to partake in an in-depth psychic reading. Although new to this area, I felt immediately comfortable with Lizzy and the time just flew! During this session, I experienced a psychic, mediumship and tarot reading that was unbelievable; highly detailed, astutely interpreted. The information she conveyed was direct yet genuinely honest and yes, at times, there was some difficult information to hear, but this was always conveyed with love and sensitivity, in a very supportive way; she walks you through and shows you the way.

It was no coincidence that I found Lizzy in the early stages of a spiritual awakening, that I believe had started perhaps three years before, after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has totally changed my life and walked with me (even throughout the isolation periods of 2020) both in spirit and in person, towards my life's purpose as a healthier, happier, more powerful woman.

I have now had three psychic readings and a CTTB (Cutting the ties that bind) ritual. I can honestly say that I cannot imagine where I would be without her guiding light. Her predictions have been alarmingly accurate, used as a guiding force. The CTTB shifted my energy within a day or so. I can still feel the shift as a mind/body weight that has been lifted, enabling me to feel clearer in order to begin to manifest positive change in the future. I have derived great comfort from what she has offered me. As signs, they have opened pathways that have seen me through some tough times, I have learnt to trust in the flow of the universe, I have learnt to harness meditation as a resource for healing.

In addition to this, through Lizzy's Mumma Moon women's circles, I have met the most amazing women; women who have opened my eyes to the potential of female power, the sharing of wisdom and the healing benefits of connection in a supportive environment. Their strength and love is palpably felt at each event and beyond.

I would describe Lizzy Rose as a force, an inspiration. A generous, loving light that the world is lucky to have on its side.


I would not hesitate to recommend Lizzy Rose; I am so grateful that I have had the privilege of meeting and nurturing an ongoing connection with her.

(Thank you so much for everything Lizzy, I am forever grateful)

Kora ~ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ~ 17th July 2021

Two Lizzy Julie.jpg

I heard about Lizzy Rose from a work colleague.  What she told me about Lizzy Rose intrigued me and she especially mentioned how comfortable and safe she felt in her presence which is always a positive.

I recently had my first visit with Lizzy Rose in March 2021, the time went so fast.  I had booked for a high-level psychic reading and was able to connect with my father, the detail that Lizzy Rose went into was incredible.  A lot of questions I had were answered, some of the answers amazed me because of the details she was able to communicate to me.

Since then I have had a number of appointments, I was also able to connect with my mother who recently passed and it was so comforting to be able to communicate with her and know that she was alright and again Lizzy Rose went into so much detail.

I can’t stress the immense relief and comfort I had from this mediumship reading. I will be booking another appointment to see Lizzy Rose again, she is very unique and so compassionate and lovely.  Lizzy Rose made me feel welcome and safe and she is so interesting.

I would highly recommend Lizzy Rose.


Julie ~ Shepparton, Victoria, Australia ~ 16th of August 2021 

Four Lizzy Leanne.jpg

I first heard of Lizzy Rose when my daughter asked me to go to a Mumma Moon Women’s Circle with her, it was not something I would have normally done but went with her anyway and that was when I first met Lizzy.


It was a very enlightening experience and one I enjoyed very much. This made me want to know more so I booked a reading with Lizzy the next week while she was still in town. I was excited and nervous at the same time, but so extremely glad I did. Lizzy helped me to understand a lot about myself and where I was in my life at that time, to not be afraid of doing what I needed to do for me. 


The next reading I had with Lizzy was quite different from the first and in the most positive way! So much had changed for me in between, and all for the better. There was lots of information coming for me in all aspects of my life, so much so that it felt like I needed the reading to last for several hours, not just one, which is why I will be seeing Lizzy again very soon! 


Leanne ~ Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia ~ 19 March 2021 

13. Debra.jpg

My time with Lizzy Rose was amazing. I have had a couple of readings before, but this was incredible.   So many visitors in our room;  Dad, Mum, Deidre….  and a bucket load more.

The chill as my dad came through blew my mind (I must say that I am noticing more since that night).

Lizzy was so warm and welcoming. My appointment had been postponed a couple of times while Lizzy was in and out of town.  There were reasons of which I understood, Lizzy has much to offer people and she was needed elsewhere.   But I was most grateful to actually get my appointment and it was far more than I expected.  Not sure how to totally explain but it was, just is!


Thank you Lizzy, I look forward to many more conversations with you.  Happy to be part of your Tribe.

Blessings to you.

With Love

Debra ~ Shepparton, Victoria, Australia ~ 30th August 2021   

12. Sonya.jpg

I found Lizzy via a friend on Facebook. I was intrigued watching her live videos as I related to a lot she spoke about. So, I decided I needed to meet her in person. I booked a reading with Lizzy Rose on the 19th of January 2021.


I have to say meeting her in person was like meeting an old friend. She was so welcoming.


Lizzy was so insightful in her reading of me and was able to confirm so many things I had already suspected. She also gave me information that has started a new journey for me that only confirmed more of what she told me that day. 


I look forward to getting the opportunity to meet with her again for further readings. 


She is a beautiful soul with a heart of gold. Thank you, Lizzy, for all you do. 


Sonya ~ Berwick, Victoria Australia ~ 30 June 2021