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Lizzy Rose ‘Australia’s Celebrity Psychic’ provides many spiritual services, however all consultations first begin with a one on one high level Psychic establishment reading carried out at any time of the month and heres why. It’s important to proceed with services that support you and your life’s path, you may feel you need a love spell or to banish a negative colleague, or perhaps to sell your home, but it may not be right for you to do so. 


Many people ask for mediumship which involves speaking to those persons who are deceased, however what if they arent there, what if your loved one has moved on or maybe it’s too traumatic for you seeing them in spirit and hearing what they have to say. 

Just because we want certain Psychic or Clairvoyant services or paranormal exchanges, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing for us at that time and in saying that, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t. This is exactly why all clients begin their journey with Lizzy Rose with a HLPR ~ High Level Psychic reading. 


To understand further what happens in a HLPR ~ High Level Psychic reading ~ click on this link  


After your initial Psychic reading you may be advised to continue your spiritual growth with a healing, spell casting or perhaps a ritual to remove blockages.


Lizzy Rose will discuss with you what’s best, whats needed and whats not and in what order. We encourage you to have a chat about these suggestions and arrange any further bookings directly with Pia Lindstrom, Lizzys lovely P.A.


Tarot readings are also available at any time of the month upon request. 


Services on a Waxing Moon  

Waxing moon time is for construction magick, the focus at this time of the month is on Spells regarding Prosperity, Abundance, positive Health and Travel. 

Love spells and potions. Protection Rituals & amulet castings. Pregnancy invocations. Rebirth ceremonies. Property Blessings at the location of your home or business. Consecration and dedication of Altar ritual tools. Chakra Crystal herbal healing. Hypnosis and trance channeling. Ayahuasca and sacred herbal tea ceremonies and sweat lodge workshops. Mumma Moon Womens new moon circles. OWLL Order of Wisdom Learning and Light ~ Coven of eclectic Witchcraft full moon esbats.   


Services on a Waning Moon 

Waning moon time is for deconstruction magick, the focus at this time of the month is on rituals and sacred ceremonies that banish. CTTB Cutting the ties that Bind, de programming, de coding, which removes all contracts, agreements, vows and prior binding arrangements in this or other lifetimes. Disease and illness extraction and removal. Past Life regression, sometimes known as past life recall. Curse and hex removal. Haunted property assessment and extraction. Demonic possessions assessment and Exorcism. Alien Extraterrestrial identification and extraction.