Soothing gentle sacred music in a welcoming and safe space awaits you, where you will be transported to another world.


Your Psychic reading begins with a deep yet short meditation, as Lizzy Rose begins to channel your energy and her spirit guides which will inform her about your life. You do not need to speak or ask any questions at all for the duration of your consultation, unless of course you wish to. You will not be asked any questions as there is no need to confirm what Lizzy Rose is saying because there is no disputing it to be your personal and very deliberate moments that you have had or are now experiencing in your life.


Your aura is the first to be read, Lizzy Rose will describe its color and vibrancy or lack thereof. Depending upon the size shape depth color and vibration of your aura, she can determine whether you are well or ill, happy or sad, going through major life changes or stuck and on hold. During the aura reading you may hear Lizzy Rose say “I’ve got a line in” this means she is now seeing threads, strand’s or ribbon like energy coming out from your aura, she calls these pathways and loops and will follow those lines that form a strong connection to provide you with deeper and very detailed information about you, your loved ones or current circumstances.


The pathways can lead to your career, family members, relationships, a business or even a deceased person, be it a memory or their spirit if it is connected to you. During this initial stage of your consultation Lizzy Rose will often cast an elemental circle, which means she will call forth the energies of Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Metal and great Spirit, to guide counsel direct and advise what is best for you at this time in your life.


Up till now everything that Lizzy Rose has brought through for you is delivered with both hers and your eyes closed. This incredible way of Psychically “seeing” enables Lizzy Rose to utilize a variety of her gifts. She can hear spirit, sense smell and even touch forces and beings that the human eye and hand often can’t access.


Lizzy Rose is specific she doesn’t generalize, often detailed names, addresses, dates, times, years, amounts and more are presented very bluntly and accurately straight at you. Lizzy Rose will often take on the mannerisms of yourself or loved ones even your children and pets. Her voice changing to match the person that she is channeling or your native language, she notices and recognizes certain smells like that of particular fragrances, perfumes, after shaves, baked goods, cigars, scents that are individualized to a person dead or alive. Scents that only you know and remember.


The elemental circle that is cast around both yourself and Lizzy Rose is purely to create safety, protection and balance, so that you receive the information calmly without stress or unease, it also enables you to become completely relaxed so you can really feel the exchange of energy and see firsthand the incredible art that is psychic channeling. This is why Lizzy Rose calls this a high level psychic reading.


There is no religious inclusion in your reading in fact only you are encouraged if you wish, to call forth your God or Goddess of worship and recognize your faith. The high level psychic reading is open to all whether you are an Atheist, Catholic, Buddhist, Witch, Christian or Jewish or any other denomination you are welcomed accepted and respected.

Lizzy Rose calls in energy, the readings are at no time religious in nature unless you wish them to be, because after all its your life, your beliefs and your spirit that is being read, so the reading is all you.


There will be a point when Lizzy Rose will say okay lets open our eyes now and do some table work. She has to pull herself out of channeling or else it can go on for hours and many a client has sat with Lizzy Rose deeply intrigued and blown away, understandably never wanting the reading to end. Spirit does not stop on the hour and a psychic medium channeler can read for hours, as there are so many years of information and some people have lived more than one lifetime. Often Lizzy Rose will share portions of your past lives too if they present.


If there is time, as some readings are all carried out in channel, you will then begin your divinatory workings. If you wish for the full experience its advised to book a 90 or 120 minute reading as consultations feel like minutes not hours.

A selection of Tarot, Goddess, God, and archetype cards will be shuffled and selected by you. Lizzy has over 1000 Tarot card decks and could work with anywhere from 3 to 20 decks depending on the length of consultation that you book and the necessity of this form of reading. Divination cards if read properly, are extremely accurate. You may be asked to pick a rune stone or to provide a photo or piece of jewelry for Lizzy Rose to read. This form of divination is called Psychometry and depending on the energetic memory attached to the item, it can provide additional incredibly valuable and interesting information.


During what Lizzy Rose terms as “table workings” all manner of topics are covered, from past, present and future life predictions, to establishing if you are on a set or open destiny, meaning your life’s path is fixed or not. She will cover health, love, travel, relationships, business, home, money, career, children, investments any and all topics are readable, however typically she will zoom in on what is currently your most pressing focus, issue or concern. This is where the “establishment” comes in to the reading. It is in this final part of your consultation ‘where it is established’ what your best and current direction is.

You will be advised at this time what will occur in your life whether you like it or not, or if you are on an open destiny what you could manifest in your life if you would like to follow a certain path. Receiving a “high level psychic establishment reading” allows you to be the master or mistress of your own destiny, you can jump ahead years or months to see what will occur if you make certain serious life decision’s and what will happen if you don’t.


To end your consultation you could be told one of a few things, today we completed a Part A come back for a Part B HLPR .. this means there was so much information you’re reading needs to be longer to obtain it all. You could be told that it’s in your best interest to have a particular healing or receive a CTTB ‘Cutting the ties that Bind’ ritual. You may simply hear that’s it, you don’t need to come back, but of course you are always welcome to and many people do.


What is a given is you will be left amazed, empowered and inspired to be in control of your life and your future.

You will enjoy your spiritual consultation and find the information invaluable for many years to come. We suggest you audio record your reading on your mobile phone or any other recording devise that you may have, this way the information is with you forever and we can speak from experience when we say that many clients tell us they are constantly astonished when re listening to their Psychic readings and that without the recordings they would be at a loss to remember the amount of information that comes through.


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