Witch in Gippsland

Updated: May 25, 2021

Gippsland Victoria Australia

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, this well-known quote comes to mind as I write my first blog in many years and the first ever for this site. Minutes to hours, days to weeks, months to years, it all runs into one story in the end. I see so much of the world and her people in my own unique way, and I feel so blessed that my spiritual work leads me to take many adventures, sometimes a tad unusual to what is understood to be normal, but then what is normal, what is paranormal and what is supernatural?

It started out like any other Friday, sitting at my office desk working away yet knowing the urge to pack my things, load my car and hit the highways was fast approaching. So, what does a witch take on an emergency road trip and what exactly is a witch’s emergency?

A few days earlier I received a frantic phone call from a gentleman in the country town of Rosedale, Victoria Australia.

‘Help me please, you have to come back here it's out of control, the chairs and doors move of their own accord, lights turn on and off and I hear voices coming from the walls like people are arguing, I don’t know what to do, I think I might have an angry spirit here and I’m losing money because of it’.

I was familiar with this establishment as I often stop in Rosedale on my drive through to the nearby country towns of Sale and Longford where I work regularly. Calming the man down I instructed him to place salt around his doorways and across the window ledges and then to take a few bowls from the kitchen, fill them with tepid water and then place his hands over the water bowls to speak a prayer of protection and consecration, something simple yet effective like;

“I consecrate this water to be filled with positivity and protection. It is holy and clean; this water holds space for all that is love and comes from the light. Thank you, Water spirits, for working to protect and to clear all harm from this space so only good can return to this place”.

The gentleman was then asked to place the bowls in the centre of each of the affected rooms. Now as you may know salt and blessed water will not take out a poltergeist, however, it will offer a form of temporary relief and diffuse a level of negativity in the premises and those who must work there, if the problem is a restless spirit or a heavy presence of negativity. It was just about his only option until I could attend in person and help.

I quickly packed my bags with smudge sticks, drums, rattles, copper generators and harmonisers, candles, exorcism rock salt, assorted crystals, a jar of liquid mercury, my book of shadows, a trusted pendulum, tarot cards and my witches’ broom, known as a besom and loaded the car with some personal effects and off I went.

Quite a few hours later after navigating congested Friday peak hour traffic I arrived at the beaten down old building where I ran into a group of locals including a police officer. They were all huddled around chatting outside too scared, and worried to venture indoors.

The talk of the town is centred around the building’s caretaker, an unkempt man who drinks alcohol heavily and walks up and down the main street, often with a bedraggled cat in a pram and a rat on his shoulder, warning others of the dangers and ghostly apparitions that he is witness to in the grounds that lay in his charge. No one seems to take this man seriously, until now.

I wrestled late into the early morning hours battling a multitude of evil spirits that were all displaced due to recent renovations. This is common where a building’s past human occupants can lay dormant, as if otherwise untouched by the outside world yet when tradesmen move in to tear down and rebuild, it awakens those silent spirits and in turn they are known to react often extremely aggressively and at great expense.

Let sleeping dogs lie and do not wake a bear with a sore head, I often hear myself saying to unsuspecting clients. Yet the world never stays the same, all things must change form and small towns need progress, even the quieter ones who are less eager to upgrade or modernise.

My end of working week complete with a dose of intense paranormal activity now over, I head to my regular motel in the Gippsland town of Sale. I am greeted by the friendliest and very easy-going managers Alicia and Craig, who have become well known to me after numerous stays in their busy and always interesting establishment. In fact, every time I stay with them, I am surprised with gifts of bottled wine at my car door in the morning left by a handsome admirer, or an esoteric book left on loan from a resident attractive tradesman, resting up against my door as well as warm invites to frolic in the nearby forests to pick herbs and healing remedies with some awake and esoterically strong individuals. It seems the Matador is an ideal place for a Witch to rest their weary head and recharge.

Jacob and Lizzy
Jacob and Lizzy
Esoteric book
Esoteric book
Lizzy Rose, Alicia and Craig of the Matador Motel

The word is out Lizzy Rose is back in town and with it the phones start ringing, the emails come tumbling in and my part time interstate personal assistant Amy, is overwhelmed with enquiries and bookings.

Saturday takes me on a journey back down the highway to Yarragon to a lovely little property where the kitchen faces south to look out towards the mountains. The fresh air and lush paddocks surrounding the home remind the residents of a simplistic, yet hard working country lifestyle that serves the soul on every level. A lengthy high-level Psychic and divination reading is carried out, with a promise to return to cast a property protection and activation ceremony in the coming days.

Scuttling around the countryside from farmhouse to townships where familiar faces serve up yummy breakfasts, barista brewed coffees and gift shop pleasures, I find myself in a town named Yarram where 10 minutes down the road is Robertson’s beach and a property known by the resident animals as the ‘Rescue Farm’.

All through the afternoon and deep into the night I read for the family members and hitting a sleepy wall at near midnight, curl up on a welcome snug couch accompanied by 5 dogs and 3 ghosts there I fell into a deep yet incredibly detailed dream sleep.

Lizzy, Billy the horse, Travis and Arnold the dog
Lizzy, Billy the horse, Travis and Arnold the dog
Yarram sign
Welcome to Yarram
Erin and Lizzy
Erin and Lizzy

Morning fills me with an air of loving energy and a brown kelpie dog named Buddy who just does not want to say goodbye, as he happily like a proud pup chases my car as I drive back down the dirt road and out to the highway.

In Psychic readings and after many ceremonies, rituals and healings, the clients often say to me,

‘I want more Lizzy Rose, we love what you do and do not want you to stop, please stay, don't leave’. Then often, knowing our reality is not going to enable this, we break out into laughter, hugs and heart smiles, where the gift of connection is spun like a fine thread of silk and where we know without spoken words that the journey is unlikely to ever end, and it will not be long before we are together again.

My spiritual work is rewarding yet demanding and after a quick rest stop at nearby Port Albert, my mobile phone was suddenly in range, and Amy was on the line advising me that my services had been requested by a terrified shearer in the Heyfield Maffra area.

In this man’s words ‘Can Lizzy Rose come now and clear out the dead man in my shearing shed, I’m sick of the tools all turning on and off and stuff being knocked onto the floor all the time’.

It appeared news of the Rosedale exorcism from the persistent pesky poltergeist had got around to other towns folk.

My short time admiring the coastal town and local large black swan community in the port was over, so I hit the remote highway to drive back to Sale where I reloaded my car and took the journey to the grazier’s property.

The reason I have begun blogging again is due to this case, as the shearers wife said to me before I left ‘Lizzy, your life is fascinating, you visit the most interesting places and your work is so helpful please share it with others, because you have helped us, you have no idea how much and it’s a pity other people may not know how to find you like we did’.

This conversation reminded me of the days of ‘Witch in the City’ where my plans for a reality TV show about my life took hold. I am due very soon to pick up my pilot footage of a few filmed spiritual and paranormal exchanges with clients that was captured for the pilot promotional episode. My thoughts are soon to be on considering what to do next with the awfully expensive investment that is the world of film production, all so I can share the reality of being a working Witch and how healing and important Psychic and Mediumship readings are.

Not even sure what day it is anymore my 24-hour emergency feels a long time ago as my stay in Gippsland has extended itself to now be of service to multiple residential and business premises all requesting protection and warding from negativity, as well as invocations for prosperity, abundance, positive health, and self-love.

It's morning again and I have lined up baskets on the boot of my car and filled them with supplies, ingredients and magickal tools that are appropriate for each property that I am off to protect. Every household has a smudge stick that is now on proud display sitting on the top of the goodies in the basket. Out of nowhere it seems, a corvid, an Australian Raven swoops down, opens its beak, takes hold of the bound string wrapped around a smudge and without hesitation takes flight.

An assistant and I stand looking up at this sight waiting for the smudge to be dropped. I consider the weight of the sage stick and the bird’s small beak in comparison, but to our astonishment the Raven does not drop the smudge stick at all and disappears out of sight.

The predicament it left me in is an interesting one, as I had already attempted on two other occasions to smudge the client’s property. On the first occasion I packed her basket and took to the road only to realise that I had left her smudge stick in my motel room. It is very unlike me to forget things, although I must say after a poltergeist battle, I am somewhat less attached to material items and can become a little disconnected from this worldly realm, despite that, I was now left one smudge stick short and time had now caught up with me, so off I went trusting in the universe to make things right and provide the missing herb for this very patient, understanding and eager client.

Driving up and down the South Gippsland highway to attend clients’ properties I have time to think on how the world needs love and healing and how when we trust the universe that everything happens for a reason, knowing what we resist, will persist. I smile and am reassured that somehow this will all work out and was mother nature’s plan all along.

Crystal Ocean
Crystal Ocean
Lizzy and Julie
Lizzy Rose and Julie of Crystal Ocean
Crystal Ocean purchases
Crystal Ocean purchases

I find myself in front of a spiritual store that is new to me in Yarragon. Crystal Ocean is a bright colourful and light space, filled with a large selection of crystals and stunning healing gongs, it also has a slight witchy product influence including a selection of mystical books, tarot, and inspirational card decks. I found a gorgeous mini travel cauldron, some charcoal, a sound healing CD to bring me comfort and ease on my long drives and a white sage smudge stick to replace the one that the wise raven stole.

Equipped with the necessary ingredients to ward, protect and activate, I headed off to my clients home and upon arrival started by casting an exceptionally large circle of protection, accompanied by a white adorably fluffy Samoyed doggy named Arnold. What a character, as he worked with me by walking to and then sitting on command to face each compass point direction of east, north, west, and south and then just like any well practised witches familiar, Arnold sat in the centre of the home as the energy of spirit was called forth.

Lizzy, Arnold the dog and Michelle
Lizzy, Arnold the dog and Michelle
Altar property cleanse Yarragon
Setting up for a Property cleanse
Lizzy Yarragon property cleanse
Lizzy Rose

I often find myself communicating with domestic and farm animals as clients ask me to heal them or find out why they are depressed or perhaps missing a furry or feathered companion.

Another happy customer’s request was completed; it was time to drive into the night along the well-travelled highway back towards the warmth and comfort of my motel room an hour or so away. I reflected on the 7 neighbouring sheep that all lined up to watch me walk the boundary fence line, as I lay salt and drew anointed oil sigils on the country roadside to protect and defend. Thinking how calm and peaceful the world would be if everyone cleansed and cleared their dwellings of negative energy and pockets of disease.

Vegetarian breaky at Mister Raymond in Sale
Lizzy and Mirelle with crossed brooms
Lizzy Rose and Mirelle of Essence in Harmony
Essence in Harmony interior shop
Lots of goodness inside Essence in Harmony

It is morning and I feel freshly replenished after enjoying breakfast at one of my favourite cafes in Sale, Mister Raymond. The lovely Erin and her staff always greet me with welcoming smiles and great conversation, and they do serve the best vegetarian breakfast in town which I highly recommend. My tummy satisfied it was time to stock up again with more magickal supplies, whilst having a super positive chat with the well-known and very dedicated community service provider, Mirelle, of Essence in Harmony.

Do make sure you include this beautiful shop on your list of places to visit when you are in Sale, as unlike many new age or spiritual shops, the owner Mirelle is constantly bringing in new stock and ordering the latest in the most divine of giftware’s, jewellery and crystals that embrace and envelope you upon entry.

Essence in Harmony is always busy with interested patrons and fills my heart with joy and peace, not to mention fun and laughter as anything can happen when we get together, including riding a broom or sampling the latest hand cream that Mirelle excitedly wants to share.

Essence in Harmony shop sign
Essence in Harmony on Raymond street Sale
Kerryn and plant
Kerryn of The Nutrition Pod
Sale Graffiti wall mural
Sale Wall Art

As you leave Mirelle’s store, walk south away from Essence in Harmony as it will take your feet past some cool wall graffiti art and on to another of my most favourite locations on Raymond street, The Nutrition Pod. This store is bursting with character and packed full of the healthiest, certified organic products that you will find anywhere in the township. Coupled with bright, friendly, and eager to please management and staff, this shop offers up a rabbit warren of rooms, heavily laden with hidden gems and alternative surprises nestled around every corner.

I felt the call to give a good luck healing plant with an activated abundance charm, to the sweetest of souls, a dear friend of mine and the hardest working of them all, the lovely Kerryn.

Psychic Tarot and Aura readings for clients came next and all too quickly it was a week later since my arrival into Gippsland and time for me to be going home.

Often when I am on tour, I am unable to catch up for coffee with friends due to my heavy and demanding schedule and as I am always on call day and night, my routine does not always make life easy to navigate around. However, to my delight I was able to stop for a very quick coffee and long overdue chat with a true Sister of the path, Tara.

As I raced away from a huge download of all things Goddess related, I bid farewell to Sale and found myself back in Rosedale where my journey began.

A stop at Café 3847 & Co to touch base with the adorable owner Cathy so we could plan a return adventure with the theme Tarot, Tart and Tea, England, and Royalty now my focus. This eccentric spot in the world must be seen to be believed and as I am due to return to the area in June 2021 for an incredibly fun few and enchantingly magickal days, I will take you with me so you can delight and take flight with me on a visual journey inside this café, where it brings new meaning to sitting on the throne.

Lizzy and Tara
Lizzy Rose and Tara
Cathy and Lizzy Rosedale Café
Cathy of Rosedale Café and Lizzy Rose
Tart and Tea Rosedale Café
Tantalizing Tart and Tea at Rosedale Café

A weekly adventure well served from Friday to Friday and after one final house visit to a wonderful new client, a true kindred soul based in Berwick, an outer suburb of Melbourne, I found myself pulling into my driveway and the doorway of my home beckoning.

Witch in Gippsland ~ Lizzy Rose