Lizzy Rose is no ordinary witch. In addition to having a psychic gift she also has the gift of the gab! This means she has become an in-demand media talent over the years.

Lizzy Rose is sought out for her talents in regards to capturing paranormal encounters, communicating with ghosts and performing exorcisms - many of which are captured on film.

Our Witch in the City Lizzy has appeared in both national and international newspapers and magazines, Australian TV breakfast, morning and evening current affair shows as well as radio interviews. Lizzy Rose has also made numerous appearances in online publications.

But her media skills extend beyond being an interviewee. She is also an accomplished writer contributing columns to several magazines.

Lizzy Rose is currently working on a TV pilot series with the aim of bringing her magickal life to our TV screens.

For all media inquiries please contact

03 9336 3815

0431 606 856


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