Why do I wake up at 3am?


What is it? 

Thinning of the veils between the living and the dead = means a layer of atmospheric pressure is less during this time. Its thinner, lighter easier to penetrate. So, energy that moves in other dimensions crosses over or becomes much more apparent because of this thinning. This is the time that Witches or magi’s call the thinning of the Veil between the worlds, also often referred to as the devils hour because witches were known to be devilish, this was thought to be true as they believed Witches would have more access to other powers entities or spirits at this time. This line of thinking and labeling came about by created organized religions, like Christianity, due to their own fear and desire to control that which they didn’t understand that for us Witches is logical and natural, after all the devil is a Christian concept not a pagan one.


Why do Witches call it the Witching hour?

Quite simply it’s a very potent time to work spells cast magick or speak to the souls of the deceased, because we can work with energy in many dimensions not just human or core earth energy, the more energy we have to work with means a greater and easier effect/outcome and less that the practitioner needs to personally produce to obtain their desired result. Put simply communicating or casting spells at this 3am time is easier because the Witch needs to do less to have a greater outcome and higher success rate.


Why is this happening to me? 

You are quite literally having an awakening! 

Its intentional, this is your spirits way of saying hey, it’s time to evolve more, to learn more, to see more and too be aware more…

A person is more susceptible and aware of the thinning veils when they are going through trauma, intense change, spiritual or religious study or interest, physical emotional sexual or psychological abuse, the recent death or anniversary of a loved one, hormonal changes, anxiety, blood glucose level change and other health concerns. Unresolved trauma from past life memories. 



Fear, intense terror, feeling very scared, physically shaking, body sweats, feeling youre not alone, your being watched, suddenly mentally being VERY awake and aware. 



At night we sleep (typically) yet the dimensions thin between 2am to 5am leaving us feeling literally awakened, at these times we are more aware of our surroundings and experience an intense feeling of sudden present energy. 

At day we are awake (typically) yet the dimensions thicken between 2pm to 5pm leaving us feeling literally exhausted or in the very least low on energy, at these times we are vaguer of our surroundings and often experience an intense feeling of a sudden lack of energy.

The reason is logical there is give and take, on and off, up and down and dark and light and we need to remind ourselves that these feelings and states of being are all part of BEING energy and the evolution of that energy. Nothing stays the same everything must continue, move change, ebb flow, sleep wake.


 When does this happen to me? 

As we know there are 4 sleep states; the first 2 the lightest and the actual stage of NREM occurs for approximately 4 hours, this is known also as the theta state. 

We then move into the 3rd stage the deep NREM this lasts for around 2 – 3 hours and is often the time that children have night terrors, people have sleep paralysis, or may sleepwalk, this also often marries up with the typical time of the veil thinning.

Example; a person goes to sleep around 10pm until 2am they are in the first 2 stages of NREM sleep, between 2am and up to 5am they are typically in the deep sleep state or 3 stage of sleep it is no mere coincidence that night terrors sleep walking sleep paralysis and suddenly waking up then occurs at this time. 

The final stage is REM sleep where the body is inactive and the brain active this is the dream time & particularly a time of healing and complete rest and brain processing of what occurred in stage 3.    


The 5 brain waves 

Delta Theta Alpha Beta & Gamma 


The Reality 

Its scientifically proven that our atmosphere and our body clock i.e. our Circadian rhythm is affected at this time of the early morning, just as it is in the afternoon but that’s another story 😉 however this doesn’t automatically translate to the spirits of the dead or our spirit guides trying to communicate to us. 

Spirit is energy, energy is continually moving in all dimensions, it doesn’t suddenly take note or even understand or comprehend the human constraints and creation of time. Its just that when the veils are thinner, its easier for energy/spirit to be seen, heard, felt or sensed, this works equally for both sides. 

Spirits, ghosts, guides, are all forms of energy and need to produce and build up energy to be seen/felt by humans, at the thinning they don’t need to produce anywhere near as much energy as there isn’t much atmosphere or distance between us and them, hence being referred to as a veil, making it easier for us to feel them and them to feel us without much effort from both sides. 

For example, doing a séance or Mediumship reading in the early hours of the morning requires 90% less energy by the humans to obtain spirit communication.

 Paranormal investigations typically record and experience the most activity between these hours. Its likening it to your front door and your security door during the hours of the thinning of the veils your front solid door opens leaving just the screen between you and spirit, if it’s your time to be awakened, yes literally, your body mind and spirit will make you aware of this opening. 

The reason this occurs is for you to evolve.

Your task is to find out why? 

Remember there is not one rule for all there is not one answer for all. 

The only thing that is consistent is that it literally IS your time to SEE KNOW FEEL SENSE and be made AWARE of something for and about yourself, to primarily aid in your own personal souls evolution, this is not to be feared it just needs to be understood.

Remember we are spiritual beings having a human experience not the other way around.        

How Can I help myself through this time?   

We are programed and we can program, so use this personal inner power and knowledge upon yourself. 

CONSUMPTION My advice is to refrain from taking stimulants prior to bedtime so no caffeine, sugar, wine, or foods and beverages that hype you up. Reduce digital use so you can allow your brain the time it needs to prepare for rest. 

MEDITATION Meditate and research Theta brain waves. When meditating practice acquiring a theta state of being. Theta occurs naturally when you sleep and when achieved during meditation will completely change your sleeping patterns allowing and enabling a deep true sleep which is important for all levels of being mind, body and spirit.

DREAM JOURNAL Firstly before you grab a book and a pen and eagerly place it by your bedside, ask yourself, your higher self, is it necessary? 

If you wake up regularly and are using your conscious mind to start documenting signs shapes symbols messages, then you are working, and your body doesn’t achieve its true rest which it really needs to reboot properly, you will end up walking around in a daytime fog which in turn will cause more anxiety, lack of concentration and could lead to poor health which completely wipes out the benefits of your souls evolution which is why this is happening in the first place. 

You need to be really clear with yourself, check in, ask your spirit during meditation is best, or just sit quietly close your eyes, place your hand on your heart, take 3 deep breaths then ask do I NEED to be aware of why I’m waking up at 3am? Only if your inner self says yes then journal what you see sense or feel. If you do take notes, try to not wake up too much and just write the first things that come to mind, do not try to analyze or write an essay. Put the book down and get back to sleep as soon as is possible do not read your notes until day time or once you have full rested, I suggest my students don’t look at their journal at all for around 3 days to allow for the information to flow and not over complicate the mind, also 3 days is the time of settling so what you translate then will make much more sense than if read into immediately.   


Is it White or Black?

Is there white or black Witchcraft?

Are there white or black Catholics? 

When I wake up at 3am is this because of white or black magick?

Is this a good time or a bad time to wake up?

The answer to all these questions is that there is no white or black, all there is energy.  You will either choose to use, understand and work with the energy that presents to you in a positive or a negative way, or you won’t. 

Importantly to note all is in its interpretation specifically for you. So yes, you can be sent good or bad, white or black, dark or light energy, however its literally what you do with it and how you transmute it that counts.