Meet Lady Elizabeth Rose - fondly known as Lizzy Rose - a renowned Psychic, Tarot reader, Eclectic High Priestess and Witch.


What’s a witch really like?


A scary old woman in a black pointed hat riding on a broom stick and casting evil spells? Not quite!


Lizzy Rose is a vibrant, warm and enigmatic mother of five boys who lives to heal others; in particular removing the spiritual blockages that can hold us back from attaining our highest and best potential in life.


She performs everything from psychic readings, live poltergeist extractions, exorcisms, ridding houses of unwanted spirits to fertility healing rituals and successful house selling spells. She specialises in spirit communications - seeing, hearing and feeling with the spirits of deceased loved ones, including beloved pets.


Lizzy Rose is regularly available for personal readings in her Melbourne Temple of Rose. She has also established mobile Psychic Tarot parties that have proven to be very popular with her corporate clientele and which she is happy to bring to business functions and staff parties.


As an eclectic Initiated High Priestess and a Witch, Lizzy Rose regularly performs public rituals that are open to all, sharing the ways of the Olde Religion and Witchcraft in a welcoming, friendly and respectful manner for people of all spiritual persuasions.


Lizzy Rose travels the world presenting her “Psychic Spiritual Tours” which offer personal one-on-one Psychic appointments. She also runs Mumma Moon women’s circles, which meet at the time of the new moon in a sacred spiritual space for women aged over 16 years to honor and empower themselves. The Witches Coven OWLL meets in the “Temple of Rose” and is open to the general public, men and women over the age of 16 years are invited. High Priestess Lady Elizabeth Rose facilitates the coven gatherings which occur at the time of the Full Moon.


She is an Ordained Pagan Reverend Minister, which enables her to carry out pastoral services across all of the USA, Australia & Canada.

So when did Lizzy Rose realise she was gifted and, well, different?


From a young age Lizzy Rose could see, hear and feel spirit. As a toddler she’d often make comments and have conversations with what her mother deemed to be imaginary friends - who later proved to in fact be ghosts and Spirit guides. Despite not having a full understanding of what she saw or why as a young child she continued to witness many planes and alternate dimensions and share with many deceased souls.  By the age of 9 years her Psychic ability could not be ignored.


It was at this time despite being in Primary School that certain families in the small country town of Mt Gambier sought out the young psychic, bringing gifts of fruit baskets and food hampers in exchange for any amount of time Lizzy Rose could spend with them sharing her Psychic premonitions. By 13 years Lizzy Rose officially started work as a Psychic - the youngest in South Australia at that time.


 She was pronounced to be a natural medium by the reverend of a local Spiritualist Church. With her innate psychic ability, Lizzy Rose has evolved a keen intuitive sense for the paranormal, and a rare gift for telepathy and clairvoyance. After discovering that she could communicate with the spirits of deceased loved ones - as well as the beings of pure spirit that guide her - she began to communicate with them, to counsel the curious and to guide seekers of the light onto the path of the wise.


‘It’s not something you switch on or off, although when I was younger I thought that I could chose when to ‘see’ but no, I’ve learnt that its part of me and it’s in every moment and in my every thought. I’ve come to accept that when ‘I see and feel and have premonitions with and by spirit’ that not everyone experiences that. Is it gift? Yes, but it makes me accountable. I’m much more humble and accepting of all people and all cultures because of it.’


Lizzy Rose

Lizzy Rose has honed her natural psychic abilities through using a variety of divinatory tools, like tarot cards, runes, tasseography (tea-leaf reading), photographic and jewellery readings to offer clients a glimpse through the veils and into the spirit realms, to find answers, to clear blockages and to head on a path to a better life.


She is a keen environmentalist and her heartfelt desire to aid the planet and show reverence for Mother Earth has seen her hold many volunteer positions with local groups and community organisations.


 Lizzy Rose has been consulted by many famous celebrities throughout her career and continues to appear on television, national and international radio and in the print media.


Above all, Lizzy Rose loves what she does with complete passion, dedication and respect.